Bull Run History

The EZ Run PBRA was established in
July of 1998

We have been Crowning Champions
every year since, and check out our classifieds and new newsletter. 

Youth Champions

 1999 Meghan Reece on J.C.
 2000 Samantha Jordan on Sassy
 2001 Dena Gaither on Shazam
 2002 Bridgette Holland on Rose
 2003 Bridgette Holland on Rose
 2004 Casey Tyndal on Dancer
 2005 Kristin Yde on Shirley’s Turn
 2006 Brittany Harrison on Pac Man
 2007 Sarah Walker on Twister
 2008 Elaina McLamb on Copper
 2009 Allie Howard on Peppy
 2010 Allie Howard on Peppy
 2011 Taylor Worrells on Buck


Senior Champions (started in 2003)

 2003 Laurie Hicks on Whiskey
 2004 Connie Brannon on Topper
 2005 Connie Brannon on Topper
 2006 Elaine Williams on Black Magic
 2007 Elaine Williams on Black Magic
 2008 Elaine Williams on Black Magic
 2009 David Walker on Charlie Brown
 2010 David Walker on Charlie Brown
 2011 Elaine Williams on Dance

Open Champions

 1999 Amanda Williams on T-Bar
 2000 Cheri Scott on Quack Attach
 2001 Carol Hiser on Twister
 2002 Larry Revels on Breeze
 2003 Laurie Hicks on Whiskey
 2004 Marilyn Cunningham on Cool Cashmere
 2005 Kristin Yde on Lady
 2006 Christy Jernigan on Doc
 2007 Kate Herring on Jose’
 2008 K.Phillips/K.Surratt on Jose’
 2009 David Walker on Charlie Brown
 2010 Allie Howard on Peppy
 2011 Beth Penny on Reba

Barrel Horse of the Year  (started in 2001)

 2001 Dreamer Mechelle Watson
 2002 Breeze Larry Revels
 2003 Whiskey Laurie Hicks
 2004 Topper Connie Brannon
 2005 Pac Man Brittany Harrison
 2006 Twister Sarah Walker
 2007 Jose’ Kate Herring
 2008 Jose’ K.Phillips/K.Surratt
 2009 Booger Holly Thomas
 2010 Peppy Allie Howard
 2011 Reba Beth Penny

Rookie of the Year  (started in 2004)

 2004 Connie Brannon Richlands, NC
 2005 Stacy Aycock Elm City, NC
 2006 Christy Jernigan Coats, NC
 2007 Teresa Jernigan Coast, NC
 2008 Mary Michael Denning Benson, NC
 2009 Candice Dowd Bladenboro, NC
 2010 Destiny Richards Wake Forest, NC
 2011 Taylor Worrells Faison, NC

Speed Horse Tour Champions  (started in 2004)

 2004 Marilyn Cunningham Garner, NC
 2005 Holly Thomas Mebane, NC
 2006 Melody Cunningham Raleigh, NC
 2007 Kate Herring Clinton, NC
 2008 Holly Thomas Mebane, NC
 2009 Holly Thomas Mebane, NC
 2010 Holly Thomas Mebane, NC