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10 years and still running strong!  – 1998 to 2009

Exciting NEW product to the Equine Industry!

Now there is an all natural product for both horse and rider…..that really WORKS!


This is the new approach to influencing a living organism without the use of chemicals or drugs. The LifeWave System allows organic materials to interact with the human or animal body to improve energy, performance and stamina without ingesting anything, or anything going through the skin into the body.

Nothing enters the body. Energy transfer occurs between the person or animal and the patches. The patches “transmit” the instructions to the body to do certain things, such as “burn fat, make energy,” or “make more of the miracle molecule, Glutathione.” Classifieds and host arenas. 

Nanotechnology is described as “Manufactured products that are made from atoms. The properties of these products depend on how these atoms are arranged. If atoms are rearranged in coal, we can make diamonds. If atoms are rearranged in sand (and a few other trace elements are added) we can make computer chips. If atoms are rearranged in dirt, water and air, we can make potatoes.”

This is the beginning of an entirely new way of treating the body with “frequency modulation,” tuning functions much like you would tune in your TV or radio to the satellite. Instead of using drugs or chemicals, we can use frequencies to enhance health and well-being.

When I read the concepts of Lifewave and the research that has already been done, I had a vision of where this technology could go.

The possibilities are endless and exciting. We live in a world of pharmaceuticals and chemicals – many of them to our detriment in the long run. More and more attention is being paid to alternative methods of achieving good health and long life. Preventative medicine is becoming a huge industry. We don’t want to live on drugs!

As every holistic practitioner knows EVERY BODY HAS THE INTRINSIC CAPACITY TO HEAL ITSELF. Sometimes, it just needs some help. The importance of proper, chemical-free diet, proper supplementation of vitamins, minerals and other natural enhancers, cannot be over-emphasized. Now we have something even more amazing to add: “Computer Software for the Body” which gently encourages healthy functioning without side-effects.

The LifeWave system is endorsed by:


(20 year practice)

Specific Points to use:


This is a point I frequently start my treatments with. You can’t go wrong in using this point, on your horse and on yourself.

To test whether your horse might be sore in the back or hip area, palpate the horse about 3 or 4 inches from the midline of the back. Press consistently with at least 3 pounds of pressure. Proceed towards the tail. Horses will often show discomfort, extreme pain or even buckle at the knees and almost drop to the ground.

To further understand why horses may become sore in the back and the base of the neck area and girth, go to and read about “How Horses Work”. Crookedness is very detrimental to everything about the horse. Read some of Dr.DeRock’s articles about “straight” vs. “crooked” and the “Sacro-Sciatic Syndrome.” This is essential to your understanding of your horse. But you can help your horse immediately with the application of Lifewave Patches.

This point is very good for general well-being in all animals and people. It strengthens the Chi, or Life Force, strengthens and balances Kidney and Adrenal function. It is a balancing point for the entire body. It also is very useful in treating back pain in people and horses whatever the origin. In my experience it seems to affect the Iliopsoas Muscle which controls the pelvis and helps to normalize this huge and important muscle.







Learn More about this product soon!

Click on the LifeWave logo to visit website and/or purchase


All Entry Fees at All Shows must be paid in cash – No checks accepted.

Speed Horse Tours

Understanding the Speed Horse Tours at EZ Run PBRA shows.  When the Speed Horse Tour is co-sanctioned w/a Bonu$ Buck$ show, this is how it works!  You must be entered in the Open 4D to compete in the Speed Horse Tour.  This tour will carry a seperate entry fee and have a seperate payoff and carries seperate points for a seperate championship as well.  Your run in the Open 4D will count as your run in the Speed Horse Tour.  Rather than pay an Office Charge with your Speed Horse Tour entry fee, you will pay a Finals Fee instead.  This tour has a 100% payback of all entry fees including the NT runs.  The Finals Fee is not included in the payback.  Full dress code is waived unless otherwise posted.  You are allowed only one entry per show in the Speed Horse Tours.

So, in short, at these shows, you can pay two entry fees (if desired), run once and possibly be in two payoffs and accumulate points in both the Open and Speed Horse Tour standings.  If running more than one horse in the Open 4D, you will have to designate to the show secretary the horse entered in the Speed Horse Tour.

If the Speed Horse Tour is presented by a Stock Contractor at a Bull Riding or Rodeo, entry fees and Finals Fee are the same.  Payback is the same plus added money if offered.  Full Dress code is enforced, only one entry per show, points are carried in the Speed Horse Tour only.

Be sure to read your guidelines and be aware of all the rules and offerings of this Tour and all of our shows and point systems.

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We are still a APHA – PAC approved association.  This means that your registered paint can carry points in the APHA and be eligible for year end awards.  Enroll your horse today!  Go to their site for details on enrolling your registered paint in this program.

We are now Co-Approved with the Mid Atlantic Rodeo Association!  What does this mean?  Read on……..

EZ Run PBRA female members can now enter the “Cowgirl’s Barrel Racing” at any MAPRA rodeo on their EZ Run PBRA card! (with exception to their Finals).  Each MAPRA rodeo you enter, you will receive 5 points in the EZ Run PBRA Speed Horse Tour just for entering the rodeo.  Any points you receive for competing in these rodeos will count in our Speed Horse Tour Championship.  These rodeos entered will count towards your Finals qualifying shows as well.  The MAPRA offers “Cowgirl’s Barrel Racing” only.  This co-sanction will offer our Barrel Racer’s choosing to enter these rodeos more added money to compete for and many new arenas to compete in.  EZ Run PBRA Barrel Racers will not receive points in the MAPRA at these rodeos, you must purchase their association card to receive points in their association or be eligible for their Fianls.  Visit for more information on their association.


The EZ Run PBRA is starting to travel more!

The monthly Bonu$ Buck$ shows are spreading their wings!!  Our first of these shows is scheduled in April in Sanford, NC.  The added money is posted.  These shows are also being held in many other places such as Lake Waccamaw, NC.  More dates are coming and added money is offered in the Open 4D Barrels at all of these shows.  Keep an eye on the schedule page for more details.

Bar B Ruff Stock Arena * Cedar Rock Ranch & Arena * McLamb Arena * TripleCreek Arena

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